A goofy idea I had.

“Fisticuffs and Pugilist”

In this case it’s pronounced “Pug-i-list”

Monday morning painting practice

Some painting practice in photoshop.

If pugs weren’t so awesome, this obsession might seem unhealthy.

Morning warmup sketch. I guess technically, this is Captain America fanart.

Playing around with colors in Photoshop while my files upload.

“Hello Fall”

Tamale hut cafe sketch #2 

#tamalehutecafe #sketch #copic #kuretake (at Tamale Hut Café)

Tamale hut cafe sketch #1 

#tamalehutecafe #sketch #copic #kuretake (at Tamale Hut Café)

Some evening practice in Photoshop.


Some photoshop practive

Playing with Manga Studio 5 EX. Getting in the mood for Halloween (Yes I know it’s a bit early, but not as early as retail stores).

Trying out some coloring in Manga Studio 5 EX.